Trugolf  Technique Personal Golf Simulator
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Trugolf Technique Personal Golf Simulator


The Trugolf TECHNIQUE PERSONAL golf simulator consists of an easy to assemble aluminum frame with netting, our TruTrac Dual Tracking System with Integrated Swing Analyzer. The Technique is perfect for the golfer desiring a year round indoor golf experience with less cost.

  • E6Golf Lite Software
  •     Highly accurate Integrated Swing Analyzer gives you the feedback you need to improve your game.
  •     21 World Class Courses included (Standard Pkg + Pebble
    Beach & St Andrews Pkgs
    ) with over 83 more available.
  •     Includes Driving Range, Chipping, and Putting.
  • Integrates seamlessly with top shelf Launch Monitors and Video Analysis.
  •     Future TruGolf Online Tournaments.


  • TruTrac revolutionary tracking system with lighted hitting area
  •     High performance, commercial grade net system with cushioned backstop
  • Storage Bag
  • Projector (computer not included)

System Requirements

Core2Duo, i3, i5, i7 – 2.0Ghz or faster
    1GB(2GB) RAM; XP(Win7)
    25GB free hard drive space
    ATI or nVidia dedicated graphics with 256MB (more is better)  video memory.
    DVD drive

Required Space
4:3 110" Diagonal
E6Golf Lite

We also sell P3proswing, Protee and Optishot



Trugolf golf simulators and their advanced golf simulator software, E6 software , are the leaders in the golf simulator market. Whether you choose the Trugolf Trutrac or the Trugolf Trutrac mini, you will be getting the most accurate golf simulator in the world.

Trugolf Golf Simulation

Originally a subsidiary division of Access Software, TruGolf has pioneered golf simulators for over 25 years. Tru Golf continues to redefine golf simulator technology.

Trugolf Golf Simulator

TruGolf has developed some of the world’s most famous golf courses for its E6 and E6 lite software.When you play Trugolf, you will be playing some of the finest golf courses inthe world.

Trugolf Golf Simulators

Trugolf has been the leader in the golf simulator industry for more than twenty-five years and their golf simulators allow people to play golf for years to come. TruGolf was originally a subsidiary of Access Software.

Trugolf Golf Swing Analyzer

Trugolf offers a golfsimulator system that can easily be customized to fit into a residential home or a proshop or golf course.. Regardless of what is going on outside, the Trugolfsimulator allows all golfers to play a year round .

Trugolf Golf SwingTraining Aids

Trugolf gives instant feedback on every swing. Try and get that golf swing data by just going to the range. Trugolf simulators are a
valuable golf training aid that will help you recognize swing flaws and practice to correct them.

Trugolf Home GolfSimulator

For those who love golf, but hate the cold winter months, Trugolf's golf simulators will keep you playing indoor golf year round. Whether
its raining or snowing, Trugolf has you covered with one of their many golf
simulator systems.

Trugolf IndoorGolf

Trugolf has brought indoor virtual golf to golfers all over the world over with its golf simulation software and simulator units.

Trugolf Portable Golf

Golf used to be a sport found only to be played on a golf course. Today, one can play golf anywhere with a portable golf simulator . Home golf is no longer limited to the golf course.

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Trugolf Technique Personal Golf Simulator

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