P3Proswing Ultimate Seamless Thick Hitting Mat 60" x 60"
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P3Proswing Ultimate Seamless Thick Hitting Mat 60" x 60"

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  Ultimate Optishot Seamless Thick Hitting Mat 60" x 60" RH

"Like hitting off Fresh Turf"

Once you hit off of this mat, you will never go back to the stock P3Proswing top!

LH now available

Only works on rubber top and glued on top P3proswings



One of the biggest issues with the P3Proswing is the thin ( 3/8" ) turf top. This top is held in place with only glue. If you have ever come in steep on your P3Proswing, and jammed your wrists, you will love our new P3Proswing golf mat.  Over time, the P3Proswing turf top will loosen and start to rip. With our completely seamless design and 1 1/2 inch thick top ( 3 times as thick as the stock top )  you will now be able to hit down and compress the ball without fear of jamming your wrists. Our stock mat is 60 x 60 and is available in RH/LH setup. OPTISHOT MAT ALSO AVAILABLE!

3 times as thick as stock P3Proswing turf! 

Seamless design means no more loose turf tops!


P3Proswing padded mat comes with:

-5 x 5 mat
-1 P3Pro thick inserts
-5 x 5 under layment
-Rubber insert
-Velcro and tape
-Color Directions


Large 60 x 60 mat.

Also available on all of our P3Proswing packages

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