Protee Deluxe Golf Simulator Package**CUSTOMIZED** 10 x 15
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Protee Deluxe Golf Simulator Package**CUSTOMIZED** 10 x 15

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Deluxe Golf Simulator Package Protee **CUSTOMIZED**

Our Finest Golf Simulator

Complete Turnkey Package

100,000+ Courses**17 Different Swing Factors**

10 x 15 x 10 ( 10 x 10 x 10 and 10 x 12 x 10 available )

Spectrum Golf has created our finest golf simulator package. We made several improvements including a larger screen, additional padding, new blackout panels, new screeen design, a high end gaming computer complete with preloaded software and a 19 in touchscreen. ( cabinet not included )


The deluxe package features our standard 3/4 in conduit frame. All connectors provided. You provide the 10 ft conduit pipe. With the 3/4 in frame, projector must be ceiling mounted. Light mounts to frame.  Our nets are 4 sided and made right here in the USA. Our new screen design eliminates grommets and projects a stunning HD image while still being strong enough to take a real golf ball.

Our commercial grade mat is precut to fit each individual sensor and is designed to last. We then add our exclusive 5 x 5 rubber base. This base raises the mat level with the sensor. Its precut and premeasured. All you do is set in place, apply the turf on top and you are ready to go!


We added pads to the side and bottom of screen. We made improvements in our blackout panels to allow for easier installation . We increased the performance of our computers to feature high end graphic cards and a 19 " touchscreen monitor for added convenience in setting up the software. We preload all the software and set all the back files. That way when you get it, you just plug it in and start swinging!






Protee uses the most accurate golf sensor on the market. Protee features 101 sensors ( more than any other golf simulator sensor ) a 1 inch built in turf top and up to 2 high speed cameras for added accuracy.  Protee give you over 17 different swing readings after every shot. Protee has the most complete swing analysis in the golf simulator market. 


Protee now features THE GOLF CLUB GAME with over 100,000 COURSES!!


Protee now features THE GOLF CLUB GAME SOFTWARE. Ultra 4K HD graphics, online game play, tours and tournaments, Greg Norman Golf Course Editor ( you can now build your own golf courses and publish them on the internet ) and over 100,000 golf courses to play. Now you dont have to buy expensive golf course packages to add courses to your library. New courses added everyday or build your own!



All of our golf simulator packages can be custom made to fit your exact space dimensions. Just email us your dimensions and we will provide a free layout.


The Deluxe Protee Golf Simulator package includes:

-3/4 in frame connectors ( 1 1/4 aluminum frame available ) 10 x 15 x 10. 3/4 pipe not supplied. 
Available at Lowes or Home Depot. Runs about 4 dollars per 10 ft section. Plans provided.
-American made black 4 sided net. 10 x 15 x 10
-132 x 108 Supertex seamless impact screen with adjustable straps ( poly available ) 

-2 10 x 10 and 10 x 15 blackout panels for top and sides

-3 5 ft base pads

-2 10 ft side pads

-2- 5 x 5 commercial grade mat. Makes 5 x 10 for RH/LH

-2- 5 x 5 rubber base ( no need to build a base )

-BenQ short throw projector and mount ( mounts to ceiling)

-HP or equal desktop computer with all software preloaded

-19" touch screen monitor


-Ball bungees, hardware and nylon ties
-Protee sensor
-Protee camera and cable
-Protee software preloaded on computer and ready to go.

-Complete color directions



 Protee  golf simulators and their advanced golf simulator software, are the pioneers  in the golf simulator market. Whether you choose the Protee golf or another of our golf simulator systems, you will be getting the most accurate golf simulator in the world.

Protee Golf Simulation

Protee Golf has pioneered golf simulators for over 20 years. Protee continues to redefine golf simulator technology.

Protee Golf Simulator

Protee has developed some of the world’s most famous golf courses for its accurate golf simulation  software.When you play Protee, you will be playing some of the finest golf courses inthe world.

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Protee has been the leader in the golf simulator industry for more than twenty-five years and their golf simulators allow people to play golf for years to come. Protee is a virtual golf software leader.

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Protee offers a golfsimulator system that can easily be customized to fit into a residential home or a proshop or golf course.. Regardless of what is going on outside, the Protee  simulator allows all golfers to play a year round .

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Protee gives instant feedback on every swing. Try and get that golf swing data by just going to the range. Protee golf  simulators are a
valuable golf training aid that will help you recognize swing flaws and practice to correct them.

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its raining or snowing, Protee has you covered with one of their many golf
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Golf used to be a sport found only to be played on a golf course. Today, one can play golf anywhere with a portable golf simulator . Home golf is no longer limited to the golf course.